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THREE: QUESTIONS FOR EXPLORATION - Look at the questions now, choose one that interests you, and prepare a five minute presentation - using a digital tool(s) of your choice. In the middle of the semester, you may voluntarily form a small working group to generate ideas and provide feedback prior to your final submission.


FIVE: CREATE A BLOG USING BLOGGER - WEEKLY REFLECTION Submit your learning reflections weekly to the blog. (QUESTION: How will the students communicate to you their blog addresses?)

SIX: PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PRESENTATION Create a professional development presentation for fellow teachers with instruction sheets. Possible topics: Using technology to communicate; using technology to collaborate; using technology to create community. (Various tools you can use: blogs, wikis, excel graphs, teacherweb, STI for new teachers, advanced PowerPoint or Keynote, games in PowerPoint or Keynote, Second Life, graphics in a word processing document (including Google Docs), jing, cam studio, Smartboard)

SEVEN: TECHNOLOGY AND LEARNING Justification to Principal - Based upon research, report on why technology in learning is needed in your particular classroom. Use a minimum of five journal articles to justify your position. Use the ISTE NETS for Students to support your position. And, include a budget (even if the tools used are free).

EIGHT: QUESTIONS FOR EXPLORATION PRESENTATION - You've had the larger part of the semester to investigate an exploration question. Now, it's time to zing us with your assessment and thoughts regarding the impact on education and learning.

FINAL EXAM Choose One From the Following:
  • Write a grant to Bright Ideas
  • Submit a podcast to ASDE for approval
  • Submit a lesson plan to ALEX for approval