A Collection of Videos to Spark Discussion

Vernacular Video in Culture and Education "Inexpensive digital cameras, laptop editing, and network distribution have detonated an explosion of vernacular video, from YouTube to Open Courseware. This is a broad look at the ways video vernaculars are changing pop culture -- and a hint of changes to come in education. Six and a half minutes."

Click here for an exhaustive list of great videos for PD - Thanks, Wesley Fryer!

21st Century Pedagogy
No Future Left Behind (Suffern Middle School students)
A Vision of K-12 Students Today
Digital Kids @ Analog Schools
Teacher Movie
Administrator Movie
Introducing the Book: Medieval Help Desk
Did You Know 2.0
A Vision of Students Today
The Machine is Us/ing Us
Information R/evolution
A View of 21st Century Learners
Welcome to Your World
Free Range Learning