SESSION FIVE: Second Life, Teen Second Life and Gaming in Learning

Topics Covered
  • Second Life
  • Teen Second Life
  • Gaming in Learning

Objectives: Participants will -
  • investigate current uses of Second Life in education.
  • create an avatar in Second Life.
  • participate in a Second Life field trip.
  • evaluate games in learning.
  • write a grant.

Second Life
Kevin Jarett's blog The Story of My Second Life - Kevin is a K-4 computer lab teacher in New Jersey.
K-20 Educators: Exploring Virtual Worlds - Panel
Teen Second Life
Peggy Sheehy's blog Suffern Middle School in Second Life
The Islands of Jokaydia
A Second Life for Higher Ed From U. S. News & World Report January 2008
Second Life: Education and Non-profits Showcase Learn how universities - from Harvard to MIT - are using Second Life in learning.
The Psychology of Avatar Development
Second Life in Education

Note: Second Life and Teen Second Life are not the only virtual worlds. Click here for a list.

Gaming and Learning
Blue School - The school created by the famed Blue Man Group

New York Launches Public School Curriculum Based on Playing Games

Entertaining the Hive Mind From Aspen Ideas Festival - "Game designer Will Wright -- creator of legendary games including Spore and the Sims -- discusses his vision of the future where different forms of entertainment including games, television, movies and music are merged."
The Institute of Play
Quest to Learn Game-based learning school, grades 6 - 12, New York.
Games in School: Use of Electronic Games in Pedagogical Contexts
Serious Games Ning
Games for Good: The Role Games May Play in Determining Our Future
Games to Teach @ MIT
Top 12 Social Gaming Trends
Serious Fun From The Economist March 2009
Click here for more resources on gaming in education.

Cool Tools Showcase
Pixton: Interactive Web Comics
Toondoo: Cartoon Strip Creator
Google News Timeline
Visualization API Gallery

Student Assignment:
  • Create an avatar and keep in mind the importance of your digital footprints.
  • Participate in the Second Life field trip.
  • Create a professional development presentation for fellow teachers with instruction sheets. Possible topics: Using technology to communicate; using technology to collaborate; using technology to create community. (Various tools you can use: blogs, wikis, excel graphs, teacherweb, STI for new teachers, advanced PowerPoint or Keynote, games in PowerPoint or Keynote, Second Life, graphics in a word processing document (including Google Docs), jing, cam studio, Smartboard)

Tools You Use: Meet the students at the ISTE Island and then take them on a field trip around Second Life - to the Globe Theater, the Louvre, etc.