SESSION FOUR: eLearning, Mobile Learning, GPS, PBL, and the Changing Landscape of Assessments

Topics Covered
  • eLearning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Changing Landscape of Assessments

Objectives: Participants will -
  • investigate the expanding role of online learning and the increase in personalized, customized learning.
  • examine the impact of eLearning on student achievement and motivation.
  • determine the impact of online and mobile learning on assessments of learning.

  • F2F (face-to-face)
  • Blended
  • Online or eLearning

Technology Counts Report 2011: K-12 Seeks Custom Fit
The rise of customized, personal learning

Education Week Report: Crafting E-Curriculum That Inspires

Number of High School Students Learning Online Triples in Three Years, Survey Shows
Click here to read the report.

Summer School Classes Move Online
(saving this district thousands of dollars)

International Association for K-12 Online Learning
Why All Teachers Must Learn How to Teach Online - Susan Patrick
  • Click here for the blog post.
  • Click here for her pre-conference podcast.

Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation WILL CHANGE the Way the World Learns

Breaking Away From Tradition: E-Education Expands Opportunities for Raising Achievement From Education Week

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning

iSchool Initiative

Khan Academy

Connections Academy

Digital Seed

The eLearning Expansion

Mobile Learning
What are the implications in education as technology becomes smaller, cheaper, and faster (i.e. the iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry)? As learning becomes more mobile, how can teachers harness anytime, anywhere access to learning? How will teachers need to adjust their approach to teaching and assessing learning? How are QR codes and apps being used in learning?

Learning in Hand

iPads atBurley
iPads in grades 1 and 2.

iPod & iPad User Group Wiki

A three-ring binder for the web.
Now, have some fun by clicking here and exploring the tabs in this section.




Mobile Learning Wiki

Technology Counts 2010 Report: Powering Up Mobile Learning Seeks the Spotlight in K-12 Education

Time to Adoption: Smart Objects - Four to Five Years - From Horizon Report

Linkling: Interactive Textbooks for iPads

QR Codes
QR Huh? What The Heck Is A QR Code?

GPS - Learning Connected to Place

Project-based Learning
Project-based Learning for the 21st Century
Project-based Learning Video from Buck Institute
Apple has something very similar with challenge-based learning.
Apps for Project-based Learning

Hybrid Charter Schools on the Rise
Click here to read this EdWeek article.

John Danner of Rocketship Education:
  • “I think technology is over-hyped right now,” says Danner. “We need to make sure we don’t get too enamored of the technology.” Instead, he says the focus must be on what truly works for students.
Rick Ogston of Carpe Diem adds:
  • Though Carpe Diem has been around for a decade, it converted to the current format, based on a digital curriculum, six years ago. “One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that it’s not about technology. It’s about leveraging technology wisely,” Ogston says.
Mark Kushner of San Francisco Flex Academy made this important point:
  • “The virtual school model is wonderful for those families with the ability to have their children at home or supervised in their workspace, but the majority of families can’t do that,” Kushner says. “This [hybrid setting] enables families to use … the K12 curriculum, but it solves the custodial issue.”

The Changing Landscape of Assessments

New Student Assessments and Advancing Teaching as a Results-Oriented Profession

Education Leaders Urge Assessment Innovation, Not Super Test

Common Core Assessments

Cool Tools Showcase
ScreenToaster: Online Screen Recorder
Jing Project
Water Effect
Mirror Effect

Student Assignment:
Using VoiceThread, each team will decide on which topic they would like to report -
  • a summary of what you believe are the best approaches in learning. Your discussion can expand beyond the resources provided here.
  • an examination of redefining literacy.
  • a critique of curriculum standards or a critique of the National Educational Technology Plan.

Tools You Use: Present your lesson via VoiceThread designed for student input on questions that you post within the VoiceThread.