SESSION SIX: Learning Space Design and Robotics and Programming

Topics Covered
  • Learning Space Design
  • Robotics
  • Programming

Objectives: Participants will -
  • investigate emerging models of learning space design.
  • evaluate robotics and programming in learning.

Learning Space Design
Are schools that are designed for teacher-centered instruction serving the needs of students in an era when creating community and collaboration are critical?

School of One
Would these classroom rules work for you?
Designing Learning Spaces for Contempoary Learning
Designing Learning Spaces for 21st Century Learners
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Calls for Reevaluation of Learning Environments
Click here for more learning space design resources.
Laptop? Check. Student Playlist? Check. School of the Future? Check From NY Times (requires free registration)

Robotics and Programming
Programming Is the New Literacy
Lego Product Targets Youngsters Interested in Computer Engineering

Cool Tools Showcase
Timeline Index

Student Assignment: Using Google Sketch-up, design a student-centered classroom.